Spiritual Artwork that Helps Light the Path

All of Pat Heydlauff’s artwork can be purchased as an original if still available or as a giclée on canvas. Giclées are available in the same size as the original, to see if other sizes, or the original are available click here. Originals are shipped as a stretched canvas and giclées are shipped flat and rolled. Allow up to three weeks for delivery.

All of Pat’s artwork found in Gallery Two is featured in her book, The Way We Go, Your Roadmap to a Better Future.


Pat Heydlauff’s spiritual art is meant to take the viewer on a visual journey that ends up as a personal journey as well, holding up a world of possibilities that the viewer may have never considered before. Her work has a sense of movement to it, drawing a visual road map to a life of less clutter, less stress with more connection and harmony. Her artwork is empowering, encouraging, inspiring and filled with a spiritual awakening. Many people have purchased her art for the express purpose of bringing balance and harmony to their homes.

Some say she paints inspiration – inspiration to create the life they choose. Others say she paints healing – a healing of the mind, body and spirit. And there are those who say she paints self-empowerment – encouraging a “make it happen” attitude. The possibilities are endless – see what they say to you. Click on any picture icon to enlarge it and read a brief description of the artwork.

Artwork also available at Fine Art America