Spirituality, Technology You Can Trust

What does spirituality and technology have in common? Some might say nothing but I believe as spiritual creations living in human bodies, we are hardwired with an eternal connection to God, our Creator and the universe. We don’t need the external technology of a digitized world to make our connection because we have a direct hookup internally that is accessible at the speed of a thought.

Improve Your Future by Unleashing Spirituality

This type of built-in technology never crashes, goes down ...

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Spirituality Leads to Inner Peace

Truth, joy and inner peace are the dots you connect or the milestones you understand when you experience firsthand a deep spiritual connection with the Creator.

The illusion of humanity’s separateness from God, when removed, restores all things such as unconditional love, peace within and all-knowing.

All humanity comes from the Light, where the good and truth come into ...

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Spirituality is Your Sanctuary

Spirituality provides you a sanctuary by encouraging, inspiring and keeping you focused on the important things in your life whether sitting in a doctor’s office, picking up children at school or in the board room.

Spirituality Empowers and Influences You

Spirituality empowers you when you hear “you’re hired” and sustains you when you hear “you’re fired” or “it is cancer.” Your spiritual connection to your Creator’s infinite wisdom provides the answers you seek. The Creator’s eternal love provides the nurturing and sanctuary ...

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How does Spirituality help You create a Better Tomorrow?

Does spirituality make a positive difference in your everyday life? Speaking from experience, the answer is a resounding yes.

Have you ever noticed when you are driving down a long stretch of highway your mind goes into what I call neutral – a space where you simply allow information to come in and do not challenge it in any way. More often than not, solutions will arrive and problem resolution and new ideas seem to easily flow into your mind. ...

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Spirituality Influences Creativity and Innovation

Discover how spirituality works once you’ve found your deep abiding connection to the First Source, the Light, God the Creator of All.

Spirituality allows you to think outside the box, innovate, create your own ideas, solve problems, take action and improve your life. It encourages you to go within and listen for the voice of hope and inspiration which enlightens and empowers.

When your spirituality opens up your creativity you see your unlimited potential. It empowers you to take your first step ...

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Spirituality – an Inside Job?

Does spirituality come from practicing a religion, an Eastern philosophy or simply communing in nature? Or does it come from a deep eternal connection to our Creator, God, the infinite Source of Pure Light that brought the universe into existence?

Some would say you find spirituality in a church – but the church is not about walls, steeples and music. The church is about the people and their eternal connection to the God who created the universe. Others say, they are ...

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