Spirituality is Your Sanctuary

Spirituality provides you a sanctuary by encouraging, inspiring and keeping you focused on the important things in your life whether sitting in a doctor’s office, picking up children at school or in the board room.

Spirituality Empowers and Influences You

Spirituality empowers you when you hear “you’re hired” and sustains you when you hear “you’re fired” or “it is cancer.” Your spiritual connection to your Creator’s infinite wisdom provides the answers you seek. The Creator’s eternal love provides the nurturing and sanctuary ...

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The Silver Thread that Connects YOU to a Better Future

Are earth and you dangling from a silver thread – one of hope, joy and the anticipation that tomorrow will be better?

With so much uncertainty in the world, the slow economy and the non-existent job market, some may question if there really is a silver thread and others may question to what, if anything, it is connected. But the real question is “why should I care.”

Speaking from experience, losing a job, the loss of sight in one eye due to an ...

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Spiritual Artwork Book that Encourages and Empowers

Are you looking for a quick read book filled with colorful artwork that encourages, inspires, empowers and provides hope and a roadmap to a better future – check out The Way We Go, Your Roadmap to a Better Tomorrow. A book like this comes along once in a lifetime. It is one thing to paint pictures with a spiritual meaning or connection, it is another thing to realize when you have completed your work it tells ...

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