Spitirual Artwork – Thought Provoking Artwork for the Soul

All artwork should evoke some type of feeling, encouragement, inspiration or simply enjoyment. But spiritual artwork should speak to the soul. It should be filled with expressions of emotion, encouragement and connection created through color shape and design. Spiritual artwork is all about the body,mind and spirit uniting even if but for a brief moment and taking in all of the energy on display.

Spiritual artwork should permeate the soul and inspire you, encourage you and ...

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Spiritual artwork resonates with the heart and soul.

It should take you on a journey within; connect with your spiritual awakening, passion and joy. Pat’s spiritual works are thought-provoking, evocative and bright. Whether you are seeking an eternal connection with your Creator, hope, balance, encouragement or fulfillment, her spiritual artwork will help you along your journey. Her spiritual piece called “Ascension” was chosen for publication in the “Best of Florida Artists and Artisans” book, 2006. Experience it firsthand – To purchase any of Pat’s artwork click on the ...

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Spiritual Artwork that Helps Light the Path

All of Pat’s artwork found in Gallery Two is featured in her book, The Way We Go, Your Roadmap to a Better Future,  which also includes the artwork, a spiritual message and flowing verse to sooth your soul. Her hope is that the colors and design will inspire and encourage you to search for a better tomorrow filled with joy and peace.To purchase any of Pat’s artwork click on the store button.


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Inspirational Art

The perfect spiritual artwork gift that’s inspiring, encouraging and affordable.

Pat’s spiritual posters are a convenient size for framing and the perfect size for home or office. They are filled with a world of possibilities that the viewer may have never considered before and take one on a visual road map to a life of less clutter, less stress with more connection and harmony. To purchase any of Pat’s artwork click on the store button.

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